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Making Grimm Movies is an Extra on these DVDs:
• Ashpet
• Hansel & Gretel, Frog King, Bearskin
• Jack & the Dentist's Daughter
• Mutzmag
• Soldier Jack

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Making Grimm Movies

How To Make Great Movies on a Shoestring Budget.

Making Grimm Movies is a sixty-minute video divided into classroom convenient 20-minute parts that teach the basic principles of creative moviemaking.

Based on examples From the Brothers Grimm folktale series, Making Grimm Movies shows young people how to use resources and locations in their own communities to produce inexpensive videos.

Videos about moviemaking tend to be either illustrated guides, like primitive Kodak manuals, or publicity films about the special effects and celebrity personalities of high-budget features. Making Grimm Movies, on the other hand, speaks to the inventive young filmmaker with a limited budget and unlimited creative energy.

  • Program one covers script-writing, casting, and makeup.
  • Program two features locations, set design, sound, and the "creation" of locations through juxtaposition of images.
  • Program three includes cinematography, editing, and film acting.

Age Level: 10 to adult

Curriculum areas: Language Arts, Media Literacy, Moviemaking, Storytelling

Making Grimm Movies is an Extra on these DVDs. To order it, order one of these titles:
• Ashpet
• Hansel & Gretel, Frog King, Bearskin
• Jack & the Dentist's Daughter
• Mutzmag
• Soldier Jack


Go to the 48 page illustrated Guide to Making Grimm Movies.

Vol. 8 Nos. 4/5

Filmmakers Tom and Mimi Davenport, operating under the assumption that viewers can learn from their experience, explain how with limited budgets, they created their award-winning series “From the Brothers Grimm.” The production team for the folktales included in “Making Grimm Movies” (“Bearskin,” “Jack & the Dentist’s Daughter,” “Soldier Jack,” “Ashpet,” and “Mutzmag”) discuss how to make movies, including script writing through directing. As Tom says in the introduction to the print guide, The Guide to Making Grimm Movies, “Once students and teachers begin to understand how movies Are constructed and realize the freedom from time and space that is available to the producers, all sorts of creative and playful possibilities emerge. When students start making movies themselves, they become more discerning critics of what they seeon television and begin to see the possibilities for heartfelt work within their own communities.”

The three programs in “Making Grimm Movies” are fun to watch--so much fun, in fact, that this viewer had to remind herself to attend in order to evaluate the content of the segments! Previewing activities will ensure that this doesn’t happen to youngsters.

Davenport makes it clear ythat kids need to understand that each aspect of a production (lighting, costumes, etc.), joins to create the story as the director perceives it. the point of view of any production is the director’s point of view.
The teacher guide that comes with the three tapes offers much that isn’t included in the movies along with suggestions, exercises and after using the series, indubitably you will come up with your own ideas. “Making Grimm Movies” is a wonderful series chock full of superb and easy to implement ideas that give kids the skills they need to be discerning viewers, and maybe even tomorrow’s producers. Thank you Davenport Films, thank you very much.