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The Delaplane Zen group is a small community of Zen practitioners in Fauquier County in Northern Virginia about 45 miles west of the Washington, DC beltway. Since 1992, the group has been meeting at Emmanuel Episcopal Church near the town of Delaplane, Virginia.

The sangha is small (typically three to five people at a regular meeting) and beginners, newcomers, and sitters from other traditions are welcome. Although the etiquette of meetings is formal in the Zen style, the atmosphere is warm and encouraging. Sittings are between 30 and 45 minutes long, and on Saturday mornings after sitting, we often talk together about issues raised in koan study. Because we meet in a rural area, we encourage home practice. As a natural outgrowth of this zazen (meditation) practice, members of our group engage in activities that support our community and participate in the lively social and family gatherings that are sponsored by the Emmanuel Church congregation and their friends.

Leadership is provided by Tom Davenport. Mr. Davenport began practicing Zen in New York City in 1970, attending Dai-sesshins with Yasatani Roshi and Soen Roshi. He continued his studies with Joshu Sasaki Roshi, and made the film Bodhidarma's Shoe about one of the retreats he attended with Sasaki. He is an active member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Delaplane, where the meditation group meets.

Special Notice - March 26, 2020
Emmanuel Church and the parish house are temporarily closed to all inside activities. During this time, weather permitting, the Zen group will hold its regular Saturday meetings outside on the grounds. Weather not permitting (rain or cold), we will meet at Bill Kruvant’s pool house on the Possum Hollow estates. Email Bill Kruvant (Bill(at) for directions. Social distancing observed!

Schedule and Retreats

Weekly Morning Sitting
Saturday mornings 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Three sittings with kinhin (walking) in between.

Mid-Summer Sesshin, July 22 evening to July 27 noon, Emmanuel Episcopal Church parish hall, Jameson Hall, Delaplane, Virginia A Zen Sesshin is an intensive retreat. It means to gather the mind and heart together.

All Day Sits 2019/2020 (7am to 4pm)
Usually the second Saturday of the month. November through March.

November 9
December 14
December 27 through 30 - Christmas/New Year's Intensive "Sesshin."

January 25
February 8
March 14

(Silence observed throughout)
7:00 am - Opening and first sitting
9:15 am - Breakfast
10:00 am - Second sitting
12:00 pm - Caretaking, Lunch, Rest
2:00 pm - Third sitting and presentation
4:30 pm - End

Each sitting will have two or three meditation periods of about 30 minutes each with gentle yoga and walking in between. You may join or leave the retreat during any of the breaks, but if you are a part timer, we encourage coming late and staying to the end.

Beginners are welcome but it is advisable to come to some of the regular morning sittings prior to the all day sit.

A donation of $20 to Emmanuel Episcopal Church is requested.

Weekend Zazenkai at Flat Top in the mountains near Charlottesville, will be in May and October. Contact Bill Stephens.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church ( is located at the junction of Route 17 and Interstate 66, exit 23 about four miles west of the town of Marshall, Virginia. The church is just to the east of the exit and entrance ramps of Interstate 66. We meet in the Church.
9668 Maidstone Road, Delaplane, VA. Click for a map.

Contact Information
Tom Davenport

Bill Kruvant
540-592-3283 or 202-674-5529

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Films on Zen
Films on Zen made by Tom Davenport, who leads the Delaplane group.
Bodhidharma's Shoe is a 23 minute video about a Zen retreat or sesshin at Bodhi Manda Zen Center in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.
Preview the film on youtube.

Flat Top Zen is a short documentary on youtube on a weekend retreat at Flat Top Zendo near Charlottesville.