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Thoughts on Foxhunting

Melvin Poe"The 'thoughts' presented in this documentary are not so much instructional as inspirational. That is not to say the viewer will not learn anything new about hunting, but it is more likely that he will experience, in a unique way, the drama of the fox hunting through a montage of poetic readings, informal commentary, and brilliant photography which is sure to tingle the spine of even non-hunters."

"I don't think I've ever seen a better hunting film. Indeed, the whole thing was a masterpiece of liquid, flowing motion, but for the first time, with the way (he) told the story, I understood fox hunting, its rationale, its feeling, and deeply enjoyed it."
Folklorist Alan Lomax

"The best hunting movie since Tom Jones." – Classic

30 minutes • Color

This movie is the companion to the new video Thoughts on Beagling


    • Sinking Creek Film Celebration -- Judges' Award
    • CINE Golden Eagle award